Kellon Rondell Bishop (K Bishop) is an up and coming “conscious” rapper.
Born in the town of San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago on February 5th, 1988. K Bishop grew up in the rural area called Princes Town, with both parents and four siblings. Both his parents being in the church choir KB was introduced to music at a young age. He first fell in love with Hip Hop after his High School friend loaned him a Nas 'Stillmatic' CD. Ever since KB  started practicing his skills as an MC.
Over the years KB  continued learning and mastering his craft as not just an MC but the art of songwriting. In January 2015 he released his first official project "New Hip Hop Album" while in New York. Later that year KB  found his true purpose after one of his best friends was killed at a Mosque in      Trinidad during the month of Ramadan. He made a promise to himself to make sure his music has a positive impact on society while being entertaining.

    The first track  "Shackles and Chains" off his 2016 project "FREEDOM" was placed in Season 2 episode 1 critically acclaimed TV show Executively produced by John Legend WGN's "Underground". This episode also featured songs by BEYONCE, KENDRICK LAMAR, and JOHN LEGEND.

K Bishop just released a Six song EP entitled Me vs Me which showcases his interpretation of "commercial hip-hop vs "conscious hip-hop".

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